Lex Barrie


I probably stayed up until 1:45ish this morning just cleaning. I had a lot on my mind, you know? Anyway, while I was cleaning I started to realize that I was turning into my mom. And my Nana. And my great-grandmother.

Four generations of women who clean when they think. It’s like going back to the 20’s when women were forced to clean. Except in my family we aren’t chained to the stove.

I love my family nonetheless though, whether I turn into them or not. The idea just kind of made me laugh. So as I chuckled to myself while I dumped the soap all over the cheese covered dishes, my worries went away.

Besides cleaning, sleeping is the best way to avoid dealing with tornados of thoughts. So after I finished going back in time, I changed and went to bed. Nothing like darkness and silence to keep you from thinking.

My mind drifted off to sleep though not long after I laid down. I felt better not thinking, although my dreams weren’t much help. I can’t remember what the dream was after I woke up a few times, but they were sudden and slow. Nothing seemed to be happening very fast but they were strange.

In all fairness, I would have rather been cleaning this time around then deal with those little dreams.

The little dreams of me so cheerfully tucked under my covers with me throughout the night.

I wonder, where’s the cleaner?

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