Lex Barrie


I recently watched an episode of Say Yes to the Dress while having my morning tea. The show usually features brides to be picking out their dresses with their entourage so they can be married in style to the loves of their lives.

But this episode was a little different. Instead of the families, the groom was welcomed into the dressing area.

At first, I was okay with the idea because it is true when they say that the dress will be seen by them eventually. But as the show progressed I became more skeptical.

The grooms seemed to be picking out what they thought was sexy or full of flare when the brides wanted something simple and elegant.

I almost threw something at the television. The men weren’t allowing their brides to pick what they wanted and it is just as much their day as the grooms!

I don’t see myself getting married at this point in my life. But that is because I am still young. Maybe later but definitely not in the next 10 years.

Either way though, I wouldn’t even ever consider allowing my bride or groom to help pick out my dress or suit. No way! They can stay home.

When I choose what I am wearing it’s going to be my moment. My family will help me decide but no one outside of my immediate family.

As I watched the grooms pick out their brides dresses, I kept hearing that one country song playing in my head.

“I like talking about you, you, you, you, usually. But occasionally…I want to talk about me!”

Because in all reality your wedding day, is about you and the other person you are with. But certain things can be just for you. So make sure you pick and choose the things you want before anyone else gets their hands on it.

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