Lex Barrie


Everyone has that house in their neighbourhood. That one with the lights on all night and the curtains pulled tight across the window.

You’ve probably never met the people who live there and have the sneaky suspicion that you never want to.

You’ve probably heard rumours about this house. Examples include murders going down, weed smokers and seller living in the basement or perhaps even an alcoholic or two.

Yup, everyone has that house.

Maybe a mysterious fire burned the house down one night and no body knows why or how. And you later find out that the owners of the house weren’t even home at the time.

It’s really hard not to be the nosy one in the neighborhood when things are constantly happening.

Sometimes these house are old with vines growing up one side, other times they are simple little places that even your grandmother would consider living in.

I have that kind of house two doors down. But the lady who used to live there was quite nice. She was a little confused and did have a nack for talking on and on for 15 minutes straight. There happened to have been several fires over the course of 3 months prior to get death. The final fire resulted in her demise unfortunately.

At least she will be missed though. The neighbours around her house and ours still cry at the thought of her being gone.

It just goes to prove that there is always that one house on the block with a mystery. There’s always that one house with a true story that everyone fears.

But just remember that no matter what, those people are as human as you are. Do your research then step away. You never know, there might be good people behind the shadow of their home.

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