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For those of you confused by the stories end, I will give a bit of background knowledge. When I was very little, a cloud came over my head in the shape of a beautiful dragon. Every year after, I swore I saw the same cloud in a different shape and size. The dragon from this story is meant to represent that. Enjoy 🙂 

There once was a dragon. He flew with the clouds, with his wings stretched wide.

He had many friends. Children loved to look up and point to the sky with a smile.

“Look!” they would say “Look! It’s the dragon!”.

But there is something you should know about this dragon here. To every child, he had a different name, colour, size and weight.

To every child, he meant something special. For this dragon was magical.

One day, he pushed through the clouds and stared below him. He was happy.

His usual friends looked up and waved. And he waved right back.

Then suddenly he noticed one new little girl, no more than eight, whom he’s never seen before. She was sitting atop a huge rock, just on the outskirts of a small park.

She had bright blue eyes and curly hair all in knots, with a pink floral dress and a purple bow on top of her head.

She stared at the dragon and he stared back with a smile.

“Hello, Mr. Dragon!” she called “My name is Scarlett! And I love your rainbow wings!”

Sure enough, Mr. Dragon’s wings became the colour of a rainbow after a cloudy day. He grew three feet in length and now wore glasses, all for the little girl below him. Mr. Dragon nodded and blew a great gust of wind her way.

It lifted her off the ground, but only for a moment, before settling her feet back to the grass below. Scarlett laughed.

“That was fun!” she said delightfully “Come play with me Mr. Dragon!”

Hours passed as the two friends played. But soon enough, a voice came from a short distance away.

“Scarlett? Where are you? It’s time to go home now dear!”

It was her mother.

Scarlett sighed, then looked back at Mr. Dragon.

“Thank you for the day, Mr. Dragon!” she said “I will be back soon, I promise!”

Mr. Dragon watched as Scarlett ran back to her mother.

As she has promised, Scarlett returned every year on the same day to play with Mr. Dragon. As the years went by, Scarlett started to bring toys with her. Dolls and board games and even plastic cars.

But soon, Scarlett started to bring a “magic window”.

It played music and had games on a screen bigger than her head.

Mr. Dragon didn’t like the magic window though. He wanted to play something real. But Scarlett told him no. She didn’t want to do anything else but stare at her magic window.

Seasons changed and time flew again and suddenly Mr. Dragon saw less and less of little Scarlett. Believing she had simply forgotten the day, he went out to find her.

Her searched neighbourhoods and playgrounds. He searched school yards and dance recitals.


With every hour he searched, his colour began to fade. His glasses disappeared and his body shrunk. He started to think he would never find her in time.

But then he found her, sitting on her front porch. She stared once more into a magic window. But this time, it was the size of her palm. Her thumbs moved so fast across the screen that Mr. Dragon became dizzy.

Mr. Dragon tried to call out to her, but no noise came out. His eyes soon lit up though. He knew what to do.

He blew a gust of wind in her direction. Scarlett suddenly looked up from her screen as the breeze touched her cheek. Mr. Dragon smiled, waving to her.

But she just shivered, rubbing her arms.

She got up and went back inside her house.

The dragon was sad. He looked down at his body. He was as invisible as he felt. Soon the clouds surrounded him and he let them take him away with the evening wind.

But that’s what happens when we look too long at our screens, we lose the will to see what is actually there.

2 thoughts on “Scarlett’s Dragon

  1. Monica says:

    So poignant and sad. Like Puff the Magic Dragon, a bit. A good lesson here.


    1. Lol yes I suppose it is like that! Thank you for reading it, I loved writing it 🙂


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