Lex Barrie


There is nothing so strange as to wake up and there be snow all over the ground.

It was just an autumn breeze or two away from happening but last night it finally did. Canada truly is like no other country when it comes to weather nowadays. It’s cold for 8 months of the year and then scorching for the other 4. The summer is nice when there’s a breeze going but even by the majesty of Lake Ontario (total sarcasm added here), there is still that unfriendly heat and burning sensation that ripples across our skins as we bundle up for the snow and ice.

Ah yes, the weather is a fascinating thing.

My family always told me that if there was one job where you could get paid to lie, it would be studying and relaying the data as a meteorologist. I always laughed at the thought, but after getting caught in the rain and slush one too many times, you start to see the truth arise from the humour.

My mom just came in from her morning coffee outside. It is that time of year when she has to bundle up to have a few drags of a cigarette before hurrying back inside. I feel the same way. Even on my walks to and from my nana’s and work, I shiver. And yet I either want to go out or I have to go out.

People are crazy.

My uncle tells me all the time how the winter emotionally drains your existence and how we should all just go and live somewhere warm. But the truth is Canada is home to me. It always will be. As long as I still hear the anthem in the back of my head and the feet freezing temperature drops of winter in October, I’ll feel right at home.

Just like Canada is like no other, it seems the people who live here are just as much so. So if you’re a newcomer, welcome to Canada! Please keep your mitts and hats in your purses at all time and avoid hungry bears come spring.

Welcome home fellow Canadian, see you on the seasonal battlefront 🙂




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