Lex Barrie


I need to be happy today. I am not letting anything stand in my way, no one can tell me it doesn’t matter or that I am stressed because the point is that I am not. I have been upset the last several days for no apparent reason and taking it out on others. That’s no good. It’s time to buck up and move along, nothing to mop about, nothing to see here. I am perfectly happy with whatever I am doing right now.

I wrote 2194 words for my favourite drafted scene in my screenplay! I am also not dressed and thinking about watching Lilo and Stitch while studying for my test on Monday. Oh, my test. I will make it, I always do. Nothing can hold me back, nothing can bring me down. I feel like that’s a song.

It probably is. My song!

I still feel like something is holding me back from being uncontrollably happy but I don’t really care about that. I have made a mistake but don’t feel the need to pay the price. I have spent enough time caring about people who don’t care about me. I have spent enough time worrying about people who don’t deserve to be worried about. They just don’t. I should take all of this as a leave. I should take all this as an “I am now free to enjoy my life without people picking on me all the time to do things”.

I hope that University turns out okay and that I make new friends, but for the time being, am I content? Yes. Will I make it through the day without worrying? Possibly. I will try my best. Do I still hate people? No, not so much. I don’t always like them, but maybe after today and tomorrow that will change.

Wow, this whole post sounded really passive aggressive.

Sorry about that, but I needed to get that out. I feel a bit better now.

Sort of. But am I content? Sure, why not?

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