Lex Barrie


I am listening to my tunes.

I just finished up my creative writing challenge for the day, but I want to add this post to the totalling of the words. I am debating whether to make a character gay or not, although I think I will leave him as such.

These are my thoughts. Let them have mercy on my mind.

I just finished eating breakfast. I had peanut butter toast and my vitamins. I am waiting for my aunt to come and get me so we can go shopping together. I am starting to think one of my characters should fall in love with someone of a different colour. That would definitely shake up his emotions in the story.

These are my thoughts. Let them have mercy on my mind.

I have been starting to realize that my thoughts can overwhelm the very existence in which I am in this world. I allow them to overrun my whole body to the point where I am here, wondering what to do next.

I have fought, ignored, moved on and changed my mind to the point where I think this is an excuse but the truth is it isn’t and now, I need to deal with it before it gets worse.

I have anxiety.

Lots of people do but it depends on the person themselves to make it better or worse. I have done both and I get the feeling I am long from having it taken away.

These are my thoughts. May they have mercy on my mind…no.

May I have mercy on my mind.

As I remember that all is okay as long as you take a deep breath and don’t bury yourself in the sand. I am not my anxiety.  I am Lex Barrie.

Nothing else matters.

I will be happy as I learn.

Because nothing else matters until I do.

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