Lex Barrie


I came out to my boss at work tonight and told her a short recount of how I have been feeling at work since she came back.

I love my manager and want nothing more than to impress her with my abilities at work that I have gained since she’s been gone.

But the trouble is sometimes I feel like the biggest screw-up to hit the bottom of the barrel. It’s not her fault. I put a lot of pressure on myself at work because nothing gets done. Ever.

Since one of the top girls got another job, all the little duties I feel like are falling onto me. The cleaning, the buying, the scraping to name a few.

And I never realized how much it was affecting me until today. The other girls do nothing while I bust my ass off and then they get their way with it, because they go to school.

I am slowly going crazy listening to privileged people get their way, while I sit down here cleaning the mud off their shoes.

Needless to say, I am un Poco Loco with anger and frustration, but mostly stress. I had to stay an hour back after my shift tonight because the sinks were clogged and I had to deal with it.

Yeah maybe I added to the clogging of those sinks but that doesn’t mean that it’s my job to fix it all.

It sucks. But hopefully come tomorrow when the sun is a little brighter and the clouds a little less gray (although it is suppose to rain tomorrow so there is little chance of that) maybe I will find a better way to walk into work.

Maybe I will actually enjoy going to work.


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