Lex Barrie


I took a trip to a pumpkin patch this afternoon, having worked 5 hours this morning starting bright and early. We circled around for quite a while to the point where I suddenly felt car sick. We almost looked like tourists who didn’t like the city views and wanted a little taste of that crisp farmland air.

We pulled over into a small Tim Hortons after about an hour of not knowing where we were, just off to one side of the road to look up directions online. When we finally found the place, it was crowded and cars were parked all over. I was surprised we didn’t see an accident while we waited to cross over into the patch!

Nonetheless, the experience of being on the farm brought back lots of kid like memories and I saw no use in pressing any more traffic issues. Sorry to the people who actually got hit, but the view was so nice I probably wouldn’t have noticed either.

We walked over to a nice stack of albino pumpkins all white and dirty like freshly fallen snow. They were huge! The one my brother picked was almost the size of him. My Dad took a similar route in size but chose the traditional orange breed instead. I did the same.

When I pick apples or pumpkins myself though, I like to get a feel for them. Just to see which one of them sings to me. As soon as we walked towards this one bunch crowded in the far part of the main field though, I saw my new baby.

He was rolled over on his side, covered in dried mud from root to stem. He was perfect. A tiny pumpkin, probably just a little bit bigger than my head. I carried him around for a little bit, even though we had a wheelbarrow. It’s hard to let go of your first after so long.

Anyways, we loaded the pumpkins into the car then drove home. On the way back, I watched the clouds go by. You know, people have always told me that clouds are bumpy. They have depth to them and a little bit of an attitude when they cry, with all their thundering and lightening strikes.

But I never really considered their personality until I looked up at these clouds. They looked like they were alive. Puffy and free flying above the ground covered by their shadows. Nothing looked more beautiful in that moment. I stared at them until the sun stole them from my view and I was left with the darkness of the fall whether creeping over the sunroof.

But to the sun, I say thank you. For giving me those clouds and the seed that today became my new favourite vegetable 🙂


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