Lex Barrie


This collection of short poems is anything but smooth and sweet. It is raw and forced. It makes you see the things in life that you might never have noticed. It forces you to cough up every emotion hat you cage deep down inside of you. It takes you on a ride of lows and highs and doesn’t let go.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur talks about a variety of “touchy” subjects that a lot of people still won’t discuss openly. Rape, femininity, loss, love, abuse. Every one of them is covered in 208 beautiful pages. Many people say this isn’t “poetry” but excerpts from a diary. But poetry is anything that a person makes of it. 

Poetry can be anything.

It is self-expression. And I don’t think it’s appropriate that anyone judge this author’s ability to express her emotions. Yes, it is a multitude of pieces based on her personal experience, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be poetry.

I found her pieces to be inspiring. She dug deep into her heart and spilled it all over every page in doodles and words. I would recommend this collection to anyone looking for a quick read. It is over 200 pages, but the poems themselves are only 4-6 sentences long. Each poem takes a piece of your heart and smashes it, then puts it all back together.

Don’t read this if you are not willing to feel emotional. Don’t read this if you don’t like poetry. But read this if you are feeling raw and need some comfort. Because no matter how much this book will hurt you, it will always come back and put your heart back together again.

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