Lex Barrie


Yesterday I signed up for a Creative Writing Challenge through The Write Practice. The challenge is to write 1000 words everyday for 7 days. That’s probably around 3 pages a day and from my understanding, it’s any topic that you choose. I could be wrong though. If I got an email saying that there was a theme within the next week, I will know differently. No big deal.

But yes, I have taken the challenge and hope to have some new pieces for children’s stories and screenplays by the end of it. I have been meaning to add a new story to the children’s section for several months now, but I feel like it is still in the editing stages.

Then again, nothing here is set in stone.

I look forward to getting through this challenge with my head held high!

Hopefully it doesn’t interfere with any other homework I am doing though 😉

I need some new ideas for it. It might be hard writing a screenplay with only a 1000 words but I suppose that it could be more if I needed it to be.

Oh my gosh the mailman is wandering around in the freezing cold wind. I am glad he gets paid to do that cause otherwise that would suck. It feels like it’s going to rain with all this wind but it looks sunny in Ontario from where I am sitting.

That’s how the weather has been lately, all over and no where in between the highs and lows. At least the mailman looks happy. I suppose that’s what’s important.

These are the kind of daily challenges we all go through though. Adding more to those challenges might seem crazy but then again it might also be a way to grow.

Good thing I am the crazy one!

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