Lex Barrie


My brother was online this afternoon when an ad popped up on his screen. It took him to a YouTube video with Gordon Ramsey for his show “Kitchen Nightmares”. After a few minutes, my brother asked me to come and sit with him so I could watch. It was clear to me that he thought the video was funny, since he could barely contain his commentary.

I sat down next to him and almost threw up.

The food that sat before Gordon Ramsey looked like something that was pulled out of the trash can the night before and then deep fried in slop. I could almost smell the horrific stench which probably emerged from that platter as Gordon poked at it with his fork.

It was suppose to be fish…I think.

Then they showed us a pasta dish. I think the funniest thing was that the waitresses and waiters who were asked to be on standby for Gordon Ramsey, always spilled the family secrets. My brother even said to me afterwards, “Those people are so fired”.

They would talk about how the food was made (mostly things were canned or literally fried in fat), but they also talked about the family’s drama.

It’s clear that people genuinely change in front of the cameras.

Gordon Ramsey can be rude and obnoxious, but sometimes there are things that need to be said that no one is willing to say. So, he does.

Dish after dish that went in front of him looked mushy or gooey. Sometimes you couldn’t even tell what was going on the plate! And the funniest part was that the owners were getting made a Gordon Ramsey for talking smack about their trash. Some of them even came out of their kitchens to look him in the eye and tell him what an asshole he was.

Meanwhile, they are selling slop on a plate for $17.25!

It just proves that you need to look into your restaurants before you eat, cause sometimes things can look and taste like they were made in the depths of Hell.

But who would know the difference, unless you’ve actually worked in a restaurant 😉


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