Lex Barrie


I have a new Facebook account!

It’s under Lex Barrie with the same poetry bird symbol I use for my tiny picture up top. It is all hooked up and I am just waiting for my previous Facebook friends to friend me again. There’s no real reason I did this I guess. Sometimes I feel like it’s negative emotional association, but all in all I am just glad to have started over.

I have messenger again and actually feel comfortable using it. It used to stress me out to have people talking to me in that way but with a clean slate of who knows I exist on Facebook again, I can officially start over.

I have also set up my Pinterest account under the Business profile so that way my followers can find this blog a little easier.

I will be ready to announce my new short story in a few days with the help of my Facebook account and Pinterest so that it actually gets read this time around. Then when I get the okay, my monster story from September will be published here as well.

I am looking forward to having new readers!


But in the meantime, a daily thought.

I woke up this morning feeling judgmental. Which was very strange because I am not judgmental to say the least. I had several dreams last night though that were all very strange and had to do with someone that I can’t remember…

It was slightly after my manager texted me and asked if I could work form 2-close instead of 5-close. I had asked for more hours but I was looking forward to getting some homework done today that’s all. So I guess I got a little frustrated. No big deal though!

I have a couple days off coming my way so hopefully I can make it work between them.

And of course tomorrow I was going to help my uncle close down his cabin, but it’s like I said to my mom this morning, if I don’t go he’ll make my grandmother jump up onto rooves and things so he doesn’t have to.

This is my family 😉

I just hope that sooner rather than later I can get all that done…

I can’t wait until it’s over!



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