Lex Barrie


I have a vision.

I like to set blank canvases on my easel sometimes and just stare at them over the course of several days to get the old creative juices flowing.

It always works.

So now, I have a vision.

I see a wizards cap laying in a dark room beside a wand that glows. Then I see Walt Disney’s signature sprawled out underneath.

Of course, the signature will be a bit of a speed bump, but nothing I can’t handle.

I see blue and black, with yellow stars and white spots around the wand.

Then I see the signature flowing across the black background like a river in Tartarous.

I like it.

First one must sketch these particular drawings though, into the shapes one is looking for. Then we must help it along by filling in the gaps of the shapes with lines and wrinkles.

I see the hat being floppy on one side, almost like he is sad to be in the dark. And then the wand lights up for the first time in a while and suddenly he seems brighter than he once was.

I think it should be set in acrylic paint…the again watercolor would make the piece look realistic.

I better do my practice session today.

So yes, I have a vision. But it’s more than just that to me. It’s a way to live and breathe oneself into the world.

So, what’s yours?

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