Lex Barrie


I have been struggling with how this works for a while. Officially this blog began on the 8th of August of this year. But as you can probably see from the set up I have created on the blog post homepage, we are already past the two month mark.

Anyways, tomorrow is the official day that we hit two months. I am not sure if I will be adding anything new to the home page but I might put together another review for the day just to keep up with tradition. I don’t know. We will see when the time comes.

I thought that today I would stuffed silly and not able to roll out of bed. But here I am, bathed, clothed and ready for work. Yes I know I do work on Sundays, it’s shameful really but you can talk to my boss about that one 😉

I even had the energy to shampoo my hair! Not that that is not a regular thing that I do…

I just love it when my hair smells nice and looks good! It makes me happy (not to brag).

I find usually when I shampoo my hair though, that it straightens. I am not sure if that is a normal problem with curly haired people or not but it seems to be one with me. I used to straighten my hair for those of you that don’t know. Mostly just because I already had hair that was bordering on straight/curly so I just chose one route and followed through.

Little did I know that several years later I would be getting compliments for my curly locks (again, not trying to brag). But none the less I will be putting a hat over it in a little while anyways as I enter my place of employment so I need to talk about it now to get it all out, you know what I mean?

Moral of this story though, tomorrow is month two and what a glorious two months it has been. Filled with comments about my hair, my job and my ability to get out of bed in the morning.

Yes, what a beautiful time it has been and will be as we kick off month three!


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