Lex Barrie


My friend gave me a journal not too long ago and asked that I write something in it and send it to our other friend.

This was her way of all of is keeping in touch. Which I thought was awesome. I feel kinda bad because she gave me the book in July and I am just now filling it out to have it sent.

But whatever a lot has happened to me during the time that I waited, so I figure it was worth the wait.

I will be mailing it on Friday hopefully. Otherwise, it will be sent at some point next week.

I wrote about all my successes with writing over the past several months. They are both writers themselves and have been wanting to read my writing for a while.

Now they can anytime they want.

I was nervous at first about sending them the information. But I don’t feel that fear anymore.

I just want them to know.

I want them to experience that joy with me to bring a little more into their lives.

I suppose that’s all I ever wanted.

And that’s what I am going to get.

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