Lex Barrie


I just realized several things about today.

Firstly, school buses go down my street during the mid-to early afternoons.

Secondly, the bath tub now works (it was draining out the water while you were in the tub on it’s own. Quite an annoying feature if I do say so myself).

Thirdly, I want to make banana bread.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to write this day up, as I had several thoughts. Right now I am listening to Disney music on Spotify while finishing up the morning cleaning. I am thinking about having a bath and doing my homework, but I am not entirely sure if that will work out to my advantage. I think we might have a tray to lay things on somewhere. Maybe I will use that.

Anyway, today is a day of a thousand thoughts.

I feel like this month will be the one where I accomplish the most. Or at least I want to accomplish a whole lot this month. I can almost reach out and touch my future. That’s how I feel. I feel invigorated by whatever might come my way. Which is, I’ll admit, quite strange. I have always been afraid of what the future will bring.

But I somehow found the light.

I really want to make that banana bread now. Plus I need to start looking up recipes for Day of the Dead. Then I can have a bath.

Or I could do them all at once.

You see my troubles?

Oh bother, I forgot I need to start filling the tub.

I guess even I can have one too many things on my mind 🙂

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