Lex Barrie


My mom is so funny.

She came out this morning and got a cup of coffee, then came at sat on the couch opposite me to watch the news on her phone. She enjoys looking at what she calls “happy news” though, where they show you inspiring stories about children, adults or animals. Sometimes she finds them on Facebook, other times on YouTube.

But today I suddenly heard music coming from her phone.

So, I looked over the computer screen and saw her moving her fingers around on the screen. I asked her what she was doing.

She has downloaded a word puzzle game on her phone.

It has now been about 2 hours. And she is still playing this game.

It makes sounds that remind me of a princess in a magical forest. Like in one of my old Disney princess games that I used to play on my brother’s Play station.

She basically just matches letters together to make words and then she laughs a little and tells me that she made up a new word. Her latest one was “dink”. She was so proud.

It reminds me why I don’t have a game on my phone. Because I would become a little too addicted to them. Not that it is not an educational game she is playing. It is probably making her feel very good about herself and I am happy for her.

But I still think it’s funny.

She has just come back from her smoke and looked at the clock while sitting back down on the couch opposite me. The music is still playing and the game is still going. She has been telling me all morning how she would like to have a shower.

But she has to finish her level first 😉

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