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About as intriguing as the name I would say.

Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi is a graphic novel fantasy/adventure series based in an alternate universe known as Alledia. Emily Hayes, our protagonist, has lost her father in a tragic car accident and is forced to move away from her old town into the old mansion of her great-grandfather Silas Charnon. In the old study, Emily discovers an amulet hidden beneath the desk.

The Voice, our anagonist, calls out to her from the stone, asking her to accept the power and title it holds. She does. And so begins a fabulous journey into Alledia, where we encounter monsters, robots and family secrets that should never have left the study. 

I dare you to try it!

I have read through this series twice now. Once in order to remember everything that happened before book #7 and again to remember everything that happened before book #8, which came out just last week. I finished the entire series in a matter of a few hours (but of course it was all scattered over the course of a few days).

Each book is approximately 200 pages filled with action, mystery, love and death. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick read filled with all the packed together drama you crave.

From other reviews I have read on Common Sense Media.com, children ages 7+ have enjoyed reading this book, as well as teenagers 17+. The only things that may me disturbing to some viewers of course is the death of the father in the first book, then there are several scenes throughout the series where there is excessive drinking, fist fights and unattractive characters.

One disappointing thing about the story however is that sometimes there are pieces out of sequence. For instance, to me, books 7 and 8 didn’t flow very nicely into each other based on what happened previously, but it was a very minor detail as they make up for it in thrill. Some other reviews have mentioned Emily or her brother Navin being “annoying characters” but those reviews were made by older kids who didn’t see that the story was suppose to be based using younger children as the main characters.

I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves a good graphic novel. Let me know what anyone thinks about it in the comments below.

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