Lex Barrie


I remember when the song “Happy” came out by Will Pharrell. I was in 8th grade I think and we listened to it every time we had gym class. We all thought we were do grown up back then. Now we are all college or university students, unaware that our lives might never be the same.

But at least I am happy.

I mean I am sure other people are too. But I am happy for me and that makes all the difference in my life.

Why am I happy pray tell?

Well, because last night my mom read one of these blog posts out loud to my father. It was the one about the tornado of laundry.

It might sound funny but I truly believe that if she hadn’t read out the title of the post, I wouldn’t have known for a second that I had written it.

It sounded like it had a voice.

It’s the thing I have been searching for since I started this writing journey a few months ago and now I feel like i am starting to find it.

The post made me laugh to listen to. It obviously wasn’t perfect, but it was so close I could taste it.

I know it’s all right around the corner and I am more than just happy to finally make that turn.

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