Lex Barrie


I am craving pancakes.

I thought about making some this morning, but you see I have had an increase of sugar recently you know with all the apples and maybe a little ice cream and some caramel popcorn. But that’s it. I think…

The truth is though my dad makes the best pancakes.

We have this huge pan that is made for giant pancakes. He used to cook them on one side and then call my brother and I into the kitchen to wait for “the big flip” where he would take the pan and flip the pancake up in the air, waiting for us to ohh and ahh at the very sight of it.

Then he would slather it in peanut butter and maple syrup just waiting for us to dive into it. The pancakes were always so fluffy too. Like little clouds that we could eat. Not that I want to eat fluffy clouds, I prefer them in the sky to look at. But yeah, it was sort of like we were eating them.

I’m really hungry now 😦

If I were to make pancakes though, they would be small. Little itsy bitsy ones that had only drops of peanut butter and maybe some syrup if I have any. Maybe.

You know what, I need breakfast.

Fluffy clouds anyone?


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