Lex Barrie


I took the liberty of asking my aunt finally to go apple picking with me last week. It was indeed a success! We came back with 6 bags of freshly picked apples. So far we have made an apple pie and baked apples, to say the least of having eating them by themselves. They were sweet and savoury, making our lips purse.

We arrived at around noon at Nature’s Bounty in Port Perry. It was a huge farm with at least 20 rows of apples and a pumpkin patch in the center. There were Cortlands, Mackintosh, Honey Crisp, Galas and many more.

We walked up and down the rows for about an hour and a half, collecting the biggest and brightest apples you’ve ever seen! I tried my hardest to reach on my tippy toes to the top, but being short already proved the task to be a difficult one.

We used to go apple picking every year in the fall, my aunt, my mom, my brother and me. It was always like a great adventure. At the farm we used to visit though, there were hay rides and free cups of hot apple cider waiting for you at the exit/entrance upon your return.

I was very young back in those day 😉

Needless to say though, I love picking apples fresh from the farmers hands and trees. They taste sweeter than any apples I have ever had. When we finished picking them last week, I asked my aunt for her water bottles so we could wash the pesticide off the apples to eat them. Luckily she always carries one around.

I hung out the car door and washed off two beautiful Honey Crisp apples that smelt like the fall, crisp and clean. My aunt and I had a Hollywood moment as we pulled them up to our lips and listened to the satisfying crunch between our teeth.

We were hungry when we started eating, but we weren’t when we were done!

That same day we even stopped by a small local shop just a few minutes from the farm and bought a tray of pecan butter tarts. The sugar in those made all our teeth sing.

Apples are the sweetest treats when picked right from the branches they grew up on. I hope that we go back again next year to keep the new/old tradition alive 🙂

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