Lex Barrie


I know what this sounds like, okay?

It sounds like I got into the coffee pot this morning and never came out. Maybe I am still sitting in it stewing. Well, you would be right. Although I haven’t had a single drop of caffeine. Expect you know in my tea. But that was all I swear.

There was a tornado. It was messy.

Wow wasn’t that a great story.

I did three loads of laundry yesterday (mostly because I didn’t have any clothes whatsoever, I in fact didn’t even get dressed). Two of those loads were able to sit up on their hangers down in the laundry room, while the last was forced out onto the line. I at first hated the idea of a laundry line, because everything just seem to keep falling off of it and never getting back on.

It was a little annoying to say the least. Nonetheless, I started using it a while ago because it dries the clothes so much faster out in the wind. I even hung my work clothes out there. But as I went out this morning to have a look at the condition of the laundry, I noticed something peculiar.

None of the clothes were outside.

I started walking towards the line thinking that maybe the clothes had already been brought into the house or someone had stolen my father’s underpants.

But there they were. As I approached the grass I saw them more clearly. They were there alright. Scattered along the edges of the lawn and in the gardens.

My work clothes were becoming quite comfortable with some morning glory when I picked them out of the dirt. None of them had fallen into the pool thank goodness, but some of them were a little damp from the morning dew blowing the laundry around.

So yes, I know what it all sounds like. But if you had been there, you would have believed me. There had been a tornado and it was messy. But at least no one stole my father’s underpants.


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