Lex Barrie


Has anyone ever noticed that the ocean works like our thoughts do?

Sometimes comes in and out in tides that gentle kiss the sandy surface of the land. But other times, it rocks against the shoreline in a violent fit of rage. And nothing can stop it.

There are many different ways of looking at the ocean waves. They create and relieve us of stress. They create and take away our soppy wet pieces of art that were basking in the summer sun only moments before. They remind us of the memories we all shared along the hard rocks that lay beneath our feet.

I want to see the ocean one day. I want to breathe in that salty and air and think that it’s home. I want to imagine what it was like to have people come to this modern world on ships and vessels.

I want to see the shorelines carved in by the water over thousands of years. Yes, the ocean would be nice. For now though, I will listen through a shell and feel my mind wander. As I picture a time when my family first walked upon the land we know as Canada.

Here’s to the ocean and the return to it we all must experience sometime.

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