Lex Barrie


Just as I opened up this site to write this piece, my meditation app sent me my positive message of the day. The app is called Headspace and over the course of each day, it provides a simple thought to keep you going. Today it said to me, “Is a problem still a problem if you don’t think it’s a problem?”

I read the message twice to soak it in. The truth is, a problem is not a problem if you don’t think about it. If it does not invade the space between your ears for whatever reason, then it means nothing or at the very least, very little.

Problems are subjective to the individual. I think it’s a problem when I haven’t done the dishes before I leave for work. Mostly because the food starts to stick to the pots and pans and well, you get the picture.

But this might mean nothing to the person sitting next to me. If this app has taught me anything in this case, it would be that we don’t have to deal with a problem’s problem. Let it deal itself out 🙂

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