Lex Barrie


The truth is I think that in order to make this blog successful that I need to give it a topic that caters to my needs and to the needs of my readers. So, I think over the next 10 days I will need to perform a revamp on this blog. By day 50, I hope to have a subject in which I will write about on a consistent daily basis.

The only problem is finding a topic I am interested in that people will want to read about.

I suppose my biggest fear in putting this all out there, is that no one will want to read them or that there will be too many people reading them. I think that needs some explanation. I don’t want to have no one reading my blog, that I can honestly say is a fact. However, I don’t want to be writing this blog for hundreds of people. I upsets me to think that there could be the wrong sort of people coming onto my blog and making harsh comments.

I read a blog post yesterday on women’s fashion for plus sizes and I read the most disturbing thing. The purpose of the article was to take a stand about women’s clothing since the majority of women who fit a “plus size” pant or shirt, believe that it is hard to find something that looks nice on the rack. In other words, “plus size” clothes today are thought to be “ugly” by some or most women.

I have no opinion on that matter other than that women of all sizes should have clothes that make them feel good and look good should they so choose. No one should be denied that right. I do however have something to say about the man who made a comment at the end of the page. He stated that it is wrong for the fashion industries to promote “unhealthy lifestyles” so why should they make clothes that look nice for “plus size” women.

I had absolutely no words when I read it, as I am sure you don’t hearing it from me.

Let me take a stand on this matter though, as I feel someone should.

Not all women who buy from the “plus size”  part of a store or the rack live an unhealthy lifestyle and how dare he accuse women of being lazy and unhealthy if they are considered curvy.

There is such a thing as diseases firstly and genetics. Some women eat salads at every meal with the right amount of protein and veggies and fruits and dairy and still cannot lose a single pound. I do not promote women or men to live what is considered an “unhealthy” lifestyle by sitting around and eating processed foods all their life, that is true. But there is a difference between a healthy plus sized woman and an unhealthy plus sized woman. Perhaps it is hard to tell the difference on some occasions, but that does not mean that we need to label every woman with a bit of curve as “unhealthy” or a disgrace to humanity.

So let me make one last thing very clear, women deserve to have something nice to wear. Same as men. We all deserve it. It just scares me that there are people out there who can’t see the uniqueness of every individual. Sometimes it astounds me that people cannot see, that individuality is not a crime. It is a gift.

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