Lex Barrie


I fear that I forgot to write a short bit on the anniversary of a tragic event that occurred 17 year ago yesterday. The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon cost hundreds of people their lives. Where the towers once stood there is now a garden to remember the ones we have lost. For I fear that almost everyone lost someone on that horrific day.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to write about when I remembered that I hadn’t yet done a piece for this tragedy. I was a baby (only 1 years old) when this occurred. My mother tells me I was sound asleep in my crib. She on the other hand was helping to lay a new carpet down in my grandmother’s living room. She was flipping through channels on the T.V. and every single one was the same thing.

First, the planes hit the towers. People were trapped on the top floors, smoke came barrelling out of every window. Cameras were flashing and screaming was filling whatever was left in the air. But no one could have predicted that the towers would crumble. The twin towers were a staple of New York city when they stood. But slowly the city watched as their toppling towers came crashing down to their city streets.

My father was at a bar. My aunt was at work. My great-grandparents were at home calling everyone telling them to turn on their televisions. Yes. Everyone seems to remember where they were that day. Except those of us, who were too young to understand the chaos that had just erupted.

I suppose that’s why I wasn’t sure how to write this post today. Because I felt that as a millennial, it would be wrong of me to say, “I felt the pain of loved ones that day” or “I knew something wasn’t right” but I suppose all in all, I can say this.

People lost their lives that day and although I don’t remember the day itself, I will never forget the pain that it has caused everyone around me over the course of my life time.

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