Lex Barrie


Ugh, I made a mistake.

I had the smallest cup of coffee imaginable this morning because I wanted to get up early and start the orientation for my psychology course.

Needless to say, I am not a coffee drinker. You would know that if you’ve heard the stories. Or if you saw me right now. I am in that twilight zone where I am not sure if I should sleep or get up and move around. Neither are a good idea at this point in time.

Why? Well I have to go to work in 15 minutes so a nap would not be beneficial to me. And walking around just doesn’t sound like fun considering I want to pass out.

Yup. My coffee high has worn off.

I knew I shouldn’t have had any, but I couldn’t help myself. It smelt so good.

At least I know I will sleep tonight 😉

That’s the thing about caffeine though. You get so addicted to it’s effects plus there are hundreds, maybe thousands of studies that tell you that drinking coffee will make you live longer. Then there are just as many that say you shouldn’t even go near the stuff.

In my case, it would be the latter. So if you aren’t a coffee drinker and you decide one day you want some, trust me. Don’t listen to the little voice. He is the devil 👿

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