Lex Barrie


I get this craving around this time of year to have a bath. A bath with relaxing salts and lots of bubbles. I have always loved playing with bubbles. In baths, blowing them myself or even when you go to festivals and they have those automatic bubble machines. I need one of those. I would never be bored again.

The point is I love bubble baths.

They calm me right down and allow me to function as a “normal” member of society for a limited time. I might as well have a sticker for that. Bubbles makes me feel like a little kid again and although I am not that old, I am already starting to miss being innocent and seven years old.

It’s so cool outside today though. The wind is blowing and I have my biggest sweater on to protect myself. But even the sweater cannot keep me from dreaming about the warm water in a tub. The steam just hitting you and forcing you to breathe it all in. It’s one of the few moments in life when you think, “I don’t have to do or worry about anything”.

The only other time I get that feeling is when I am sitting in my room painting, watching a movie or sleeping next to my favourite teddy bear. Not that I have favourites. They would all get very upset if I told them I did.

It is a very calm day today though. Even the trees look calm. Sure they are swaying in the wind, but they are doing it in a careless fashion. To be honest, the only other thing that I could imagine that would make this day perfect would be a thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms. Believe it or not, they calm me down.

The rain washes away the dust of yesterday and gives you a clean slate for the following day. Yes, today is a calm day. Meant for bubbles and baths and salts and rain and all of the good things we humans have brought into the world.

What a day it will be 🙂

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