Lex Barrie


It has come to my attention that my weeks are a bit off. If you look at the day that I started this blog, you will notice that the day of the week in which it began was a Tuesday.

It is now Thursday and for some reason, we are still on week 4. The point is there should have been a fifth week for this month and there isn’t.

So officially this blog will be a month old in 2 days, in case anyone was still confused. To commemorate the occasion, I will not only be adding a second month of blog posts, but I will also be adding a new section of written work to the website.

Drum roll please….


Yes, I will be adding a section just below children’s literature dedicated to screenplays.

I have one completed as of this moment but look forward to starting a new one soon! I have many new ideas for them 🙂

So yes, lots to look forward to in the next month. But remember, we still have two more days to go!

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