Lex Barrie


I walked into the office today in my usual way. I opened the door, left it open and wandered over to the desk where the computer sits.

As I sat down though, the door swung back and made an unusual sound.


I looked back and stared at it a moment. I silently challenged it to make that sounds again before starting this blog. I get that the door hadn’t been opened in almost 8 hours from the time I went to bed, but it didn’t have to be so dramatic.

Do you have a dramatic door?

You might not realize that you have one. Sometimes when you move into a new space, you become aware of all the little noises that will annoy the hell out of you. But after a while, you forget that they even exist. Which is great!

Unless you are me and you are just noticing after 10 years of living in the same house that there is a dramatic door living in the office.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a door. There is a lazy susan in my kitchen that will forever make a squeaky noise when it is opened. No matter what we do, it will make that noise. At least we have gotten used to it though. At least it had the decency to give up when we came into the house so that we would all eventually ignore it.

The door on the other hand, is just being rude. How dare he make noises after 10 years?

So, do you have a dramatic door? A dramatic cupboard? A dramatic sink tap?

I bet you do! You just haven’t noticed them yet 😉

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