Lex Barrie


I read a quote the other day that stated simply, “Not all those who wander are lost”.

It really hit me. I always knew I was a wanderer from the moment I could waddle my way down the hallway to my parents. Wandering is the most satisfying thing.

It’s when you really have no where to go, nothing to do and no where you think, this is where I belong. Now, I am not saying I don’t have a place on this earth. I have just not found mine quite yet.

Wanderers are adventurous. They circle the globe looking for a place to camp or to lay down roots. They are scared. They aren’t always sure if they will ever find a place to stop and ponder life. Wanderers are funny little creatures, sort of like me.

We wanderers are not lost, just looking.

We are not sad, just happy to be waddling without a care in the world.

So I suppose, as a wanderer I can call upon other wanderers. If you are a wanderer, then know that it’s okay. At the end of the day, we are all wanderers alike.

Do you know where you’re going?

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