Lex Barrie


Today marks the end of a hot summer and the beginning of a slow decent into the chilly, big sweater weather that we humans crave.

Now winter, that’s a whole other story. We know as Canadians that the winter can be the most excruciating time, with the snow and the freezing rain and the slush and the frostbite.

Yup, winter is around the corner. But do you know what else is around the corner? I already told you! Good old fall is back again. That means kids are going back to school and parents are kissing them goodbye with fake tears in their eyes as they silently pray that summer never comes back.

Yup, he’s here alright. You can feel it even in the slightest gust of wind that passes the windowsill in the morning.

In preparation for my favorite season, I went out and bought myself 2 big comfy sweaters (on separate occasions) and am looking forward to drinking a nice warm cup of tea and watching the leaves fall carelessly to the ground below.

The other thing I love about this downward spiral, is the fireplaces being turned on again. Even if it’s just the ones on T.V! There’s just something about a fireplace that makes me feel at home.

So get out of the way summer months, I am ready for the cold now! I just hope it doesn’t rain 😦

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