Lex Barrie


Over the course of this almost complete month, I have come to realize that this is blog is like therapy to me. Now, my family has jokingly said that by the end of all our lives we will probably be seeing someone who can help us with our “issues”. Needless to say, my family is a little strange, but I love them just the same. I probably won’t need therapy at this rate. Then again, only god knows.

The point is that I have a very vivid imagination. And writing these daily pieces has helped me clear my mind of all thoughts of failure and overcomplications. It sort of comes across as a journal more than anything else. Which I am more than okay.

But each day when I come and sit at the computer to write up a daily thought, I picture breaking off a piece of my fears and writing them down. This might sound a little strange so let me explain. Picture a puzzle. This puzzle has been formed over the course of your lifetime and has only gotten bigger. It somehow has started to control your daily actions, like an invasive virus closing in the remaining space between your ears and your brain.

This puzzle is your thoughts. It represents all the bad times and memories you have collected and put together, as you tried to make sense of them. But you have to realize that they don’t make sense. You shouldn’t have to hold onto every piece of the puzzle that makes you unhappy. So, let it go.

When I write these blogs, I see pieces of my puzzle disappear.

I am putting them out in the open where everyone can see them. Cause a single piece of a puzzle means nothing unless it’s connected to something stronger. So take apart the puzzle of your life. It’s not necessary for you to have it.

Find a way to stop building it. My best solution is writing. And although I cannot help you find yours, I encourage that you try as many solutions as possible. I found mine in order to keep myself sane, although my puzzle is not that big.

But ask yourself, how big is yours?

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