Lex Barrie


When I was little, my great-grandmother’s lived in a big old house in Scarborough. It was originally one floor upstairs and a basement. Then when my uncles got older, they built a second floor.  I used to go with my Nana during the middle of the week to clean that house. We’d vacuum and dust, scrub the bathrooms and wipe down the tables. Afterwards though, I’d go back upstairs into a small spare room and watch Disney movies.

There was always a collection of Disney movies in the basement. All of them were meant for the VCR. Yes, I know what that is. I never used DVDs when it came to watching the old Disney movies and still to this day, I would rather use that old dinosaur of a machine then the Blu-ray player.

Movies like Bambi, 101 Dalmatians, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book 2, Atlantis: the lost empire, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Lady and the Tramp.  Now there were many more movies than these, but it gives you the idea of how many countless hours I spent just sitting there in a little spare room.

Moral of the story, I was a Disney freak of a kid (not that I got over it 🙂 ).

But these were the movies that taught me the most important lessons in life. Beauty and the Beast taught me that you needed to follow your dreams and listen to your heart when it calls out (I know that sounds like a cliché, but you get the picture). Atlantis taught me never to take advantage of the old ways, respect them and trying living in someone else’s shoes for once. And Cinderella, well, Cinderella taught me never to run in heels or you will lose your shoe.

Lady and the Tramp though was one of those movies with many meanings. Of course there is the idea of falling in love with someone and never giving up on them, but there is also the idea of adventure and exhilaration. Lady knew she had responsibilities. She felt it was her purpose to watch over the newborn child of her owners. Tramp was carefree and living large. He felt that life needed to be fun and wanted Lady to stay with him out in the open air.

Tramp later gives up his life of living on the streets to raise a family with Lady. It sort of proves that life is full of compromises of what we want and what we need. You have to work in order to play. That’s how the world goes round now a days. You just have to remember that all work and no play, isn’t the way to go. Don’t work so hard for no end game.

So yes my life is based on an assortment of Disney movies. So do I have false hopes for love in the future? Maybe. But at least I have the important lessons that will forever remain ingrained in my colorful mind.




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