Lex Barrie


The day has began, there’s work to be done!

Now, normally when these kinds of people come into your room, you just want to punch them in the gut (however hard you want). Or you want to just scream at them and throw the nearest object at their existence. Well, since I am on this side of the computer, you can’t do either of those things. So in other words, boo hoo for you.

The point I am trying to make is that humans spend so much time sleeping that sometimes, we forget when to stop. We are not koalas my friends, you don’t need 22 hours of sleep a day. Although, sometimes (and even I can admit this) it would be nice.

Being a human being can be exhausting, but only because we make it so. Our lives are filled with stressful deadlines and sayings like “got to skip my morning shower, there’s work to be done!”. But why? Why do we do these things to ourselves? Let’s take it down a notch and listen to the birds chirp as I tell you this story.

Once upon a time, there was an aunt. In case you were wondering, she’s mine. She went on a trip to Italy with my uncle and met up with some friends. One morning, she decided to stay in bed just a little later than anyone else, asking them to bring her back some coffee from their journey. But when they returned, there was no coffee! My uncle tried to explain that the shop owners wouldn’t give them any “to go” cups.

Now, if you are a member of my family then you understand that there lies a secret at the bottom of a coffee cup that reveals the individual mood of the person for the remainder of the day. But if that coffee cup is empty, then you might as well hide under your covers awaiting flying objects.

Instead of killing my uncle though, she decided to be civil and got dressed, heading to the nearest coffee shop and asked for a cup “to go”.  Well when the Italian man at the shop heard these words, he told her “No, no! You must sit, relax, enjoy yourself!”.

In Italy, there is no “to go” and “hurry up we will be late”, there is only peace and tranquility. I mean of course there is hard work, but there is no rush about it. They will get there someday. So why are we running around and sleeping in when we have a few minutes, when we could be living lives of no stress? Hakuna Matata, my friends.

For a moment then, let’s pretend we have no where to go. Let’s just sit and relax, enjoy the sweet smell of the morning dew and stop sleeping off the stress. Cause that stress, is getting you no where.

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