Lex Barrie


Today is about clearing the mind of what is left. I don’t mean severe brainwashing, where your memory is wiped. I mean by ignoring the things that make you unhappy and filling your beautiful brain with the joys of everyday life.

For example, music. I have always found music to be an escape from the minds constant thoughts. It is a gateway to where you would like to be. Reading can be another great way to escape the world you live in and try again in a new one.

Sometimes though, I find it helps to forget that you even have thoughts at all. Allow me to explain. If we forget that we have anything to remember, then there is nothing to worry about. Makes sense? This is the way I have to see life for the most part. I have to forget I have any thoughts at all in order to let go of what is bothering me on a daily basis.

Usually the thing that is bothering me, it’s just me. I have given myself too much time to think. Too much time to contemplate the things that I can no longer change or control. Too many wishes to change a past that wasn’t even that bad to begin with.

Sometimes that’s what anxiety does. It takes over your thoughts and makes you feel worthless, when all you want to do is be happy. Stop thinking for a moment. Because in ten years, nothing you are thinking about right now will matter. If you truly believe it will, then you have the power to change it.

But that paper you have to write for school, that person that you think might have a crush on you or even that feud you had with your brother. None of it will matter, unless you want it to. If you want these things to matter, then by all means, keep them in your short term memory. Have them on repeat for the rest of your life so that you stay stuck in your miserable ways. Maybe that makes you happy. Then again, maybe it makes you ignorant to what truly can come from life.

So ask yourself, why are you stressed? Why are you thinking about nothing, when nothing means exactly that?

Why are you torturing your mind with the things that makes you feel worthless? The things that put you down? The things that make it so that you will never come out of your head as long as you live?


You need to stop. Trust me. Thinking gets you no where, when it’s all in the past. So today, cleanse yourself of what doesn’t actually matter. You can do it. I believe in you 🙂

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