Lex Barrie


There are too many times in life when we are trapped inside our own heads, with the same thoughts playing on repeat. At least, that’s how it is for me.

Sometimes I wish I could escape my mind, without losing myself. Sometimes I wish I could just love myself and perhaps someday, love another, without forgetting who I am. Sometimes I wish there was an off switch for our thoughts, without losing our most precious memories.

Someday I wish that I could just give up anxiety and fear for a life of relaxation and fun. But I suppose we can’t have one without the other.

Sometimes I wish…well, that there were castles in the sky. And that animals could talk. Or that people could fly around the world.

Then again, I wish poverty didn’t exist. I wish people would stop feeling entitied to things they don’t deserve. I wish we could love each other for what we are on the inside and not what we are on the outside.

I worry most about keeping people in my life. I worry that if I don’t give up everything, no one will want to stick around. But that’s not the point. I didn’t want to end up alone, so I wished for love that wouldn’t come. I didn’t want to watch people suffer, so I listened to every problem drip off their lips until I was drowning in their sorrows.

We don’t wish for the bad, and yet it more often then not comes our way. We wish for the impossible. The things that we know will never be real. But they keep us going. They make us think that there is something better than the people around us.

These impossible wishes are always in our minds. And yet, we trap ourselves in corners surrounded by the bad and the repetition that gives us headaches. We can’t do this anymore. So why not instead of being trapped by the bad, we surround ourselves with our good dreams and wishes. Let’s put them on repeat forever and hold on throughout the bad with the good. Like faith, trust and castles in the sky.

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