Lex Barrie


Okay. It’s cold out here today. So I am going to put on a big sweater to tell you this. I had a nightmare last night.

It wasn’t that bad, but it made me kind of sad. My friend and I were hanging out (somewhere, I can’t remember where exactly) but as soon as he was there, he was gone.

I searched for him all over; I ran up and down streets trying to find him. Then, when I found him, I asked him why he left without saying anything.

His only response was that he couldn’t stand to say goodbye.

He is actually going off to school for the year, as are most of my other friends. I am not. So I think the idea of people going away in my mind, means they might not want to come back.

I know that eventually I will see them again, but in the back of my mind, I worry. The idea of saying goodbye to them makes me upset, but I know that they are destined for great things.

I just…miss the times that I have had with them. But I will remember them for always. For someday, although it may not be for a while, they will come home.

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