Lex Barrie


Yes, this is a word. I found it on Pintrest and it made me very happy. The word itself, at least for me personally, rolls right off the tongue.

“Fika” is a verb that refers to the precise moment when someone drinks coffee while having something sweet alongside it. For instance, a cinnamon bun or an oatmeal cookie.

Now, if you know me, you know that coffee is bad for my system. I get so hopped up on even the slightest drop of caffeine and I am jumpyer than a frog in a lilypad pond. No joke.

But I love the smell of coffee. The smell is enough to wake me up, but not enough to make me hyper. So whenever someone asks me to hold their coffee cup for a moment, I take in a big breath of that warm, refreshing, sticky sweet smell.

It makes my tummy all warm just to think about it. So basically what I am trying to say as I introduce this word to people who have never heard it, go Fika people. Go Fika for you and for me because I really just want a cookie right now and for someone to offer me their coffee to smell.

Yes, I realize how insane that sounds.

No, I don’t care.

So enjoy this day my friends and make it a sweet one 🙂

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