Lex Barrie


So I was walking to work yesterday afternoon. It was bright and sunny, a perfect day for a walk. Then suddenly I see a puppy. He is small, skinny and looked a little dirty, but all in all, he’s a cutie.

But, he had no collar. And he was wandering around aimlessly, about to walk into the street where a car was coming. So I motioned for him to come my way onto the curb, which he did.

Now I am starting to wonder if the dog is lost. There had been pictures up all week about a missing dog, but to be honest i couldn’t remember what the dog in the pictures looked like.

I looked around, but no one was sitting on their porch calling for Lassie to come home. Then I saw a post, with one of those pictures on it. Maybe it was the dog? So I looked down at the dog, figuring he would be okay for a second if I wondered over there and came back. But just as I started to walk away, the dog followed me. Right beside me, like he had known me his whole life.

I crouched down only to realize that the puppy was shaking! He was scared that I was going to leave him there for dead! So I petted him calmly, hoping he would relax enough to let me cross the street. But then he jumped up on me! He lightly clawed against my legs as I tried to get up again.

Finally I realized, there was no going anywhere. So I picked up the dog and stood there on this strangers lawn, waiting for someone to come along and take him. I searched with my eyes down both sides of the street but no one came.

I didn’t want to leave the property where I found the dog because I didn’t want the neighbourhood thinking I was a dog napper. So I just stood there, this little fellow resting himself on my shoulder, as I waited.

Finally, a car pulls into the driveway of the house. The woman in the car comes over to Lassie and I, as I asked “Excuse me, but is this your dog?”.

Turns out, it was. The door to the house had been left open, and the dog was let loose by accident. The woman thanked me for stopping the little creature from wondering off, but I was certain after seeing him, that he wouldn’t have gone far.

This is a message regarding dog owners. Please put some ID on your pets. And if you find one that seems lost and afraid, call the first number you think might work. Cause someone out there is looking for their Lassie and you might just be the one, to send them back home.

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