Lex Barrie


Remember when you were little and all you wanted to do was hang out with the adults? All you wanted was to grow up and do whatever you wanted to do, with nothing to hold you back?

Well now you are older and suddenly you can make those decisions! You can work your tail off all day and party all night if you want! Or you know, just party all day long.

But of course, like all things in life, there’s a catch. After all that partying, you start to obtain something new! Dark bags under your eyes. Ohhh I know, it sounds exciting but listen. As you get older, you find yourself needing one thing more than anything: sleep.

I know, it sounds boring. But it’s probably one of my more favorable things to do in a day. Sleeping in and/or just going to bed early.

Today I stayed in bed until 9. Lately, that time has a maximum cap of 7:30. So maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but sleeping is a joy that people take advantage of. In other words, go to sleep. Stop partying all the time. Go. To. Sleep. End of story. You will enjoy it more than anything as you get older, trust me.

So next time you think that you have the advantage to make any decisions you want, make one that benefits you. Sleep it all off and avoid the bags come morning 🙂

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