Lex Barrie


So I walked to work this morning as per usual. And mind you, it is the end of August, so we all know that Fall is around the corner. But this morning I felt that chill in the air. That crisp slap of the wind against your face and down your neck. Kinda makes you wish you had a really big sweater to keep warm.

Well, it made me think of two things. Carmel apples, firstly. It’s short of like a staple of fall in my eyes. That, and apple cider.

Now I was never a fan of the drink, until one day, when I was in grade 11. I was having a rough morning until a student in my Spanish class handed out small cups of hot apple cider.

Like I said, I never used to like drinking the stuff so I just sat there breathing in the steam. It calmed me and to be honest, made me a little sleepy. After a while though, I found myself just taking small sips. Once I was finished my cup, I asked my friend if she was going to drink hers!

Yes, I do believe that Fall is in the air. The sweet smells of cider and caramel are definitely starting to fill the air at my work in the food court. But I say bring them on! I am ready to enjoy the chilly, sweet, caramelly sensations of the fall to come 🙂

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