Lex Barrie


I’m not too sure what life means. People say all the time that we were meant to be on this earth. That we have “purpose” and that one day we will find it. But what about those of us that never find it? What about those who go to their grave never having truly appreciated what they were or what they did for the world?

Having a purpose in life doesn’t mean that you completed all that you were meant to. Just like not having a “purpose” as we say, doesn’t really mean anything. It’s what you make of yourself. I suppose along the way you find that so called purpose.

People try too hard sometimes though to make themselves seem like so much more than they are. They try to always come out on top but leave themselves behind along the way. You forget who you are and wind up being someone you never liked in the first place.

Life is about struggle, as some might say. Nothing is good enough unless you work yourself silly for it. But at the end of the day, what are we working for? What are we trying to accomplish? Can’t we all just sit down for a minute, smell the nice clean air and decide what we make of ourselves for the day? Apparently not.

Life is about love, as others might say. Caring for everyone around you, making sure they get where they need to go, with a little help from their friends and family. But what about loving oneself? What about protecting yourself from the heartbreak and the hard times? Sometimes people would say that’s selfish. Others say it’s required.

Life isn’t about anything in particular. From my understanding, life is about whatever you want. You have to make it what you want. You have to find your “purpose”, but in your own way. Maybe you will find it through religion, maybe through a song, maybe through your family. But it sounds like eventually we will all find it. As long as we do it our own way 🙂


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