Lex Barrie


If you have ever seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame, then you know what it’s like to have a friend. Someone who will be there for you no matter what. If you have, you will know what it’s like to have evil in your life. To have someone constantly pull you down when you were destined for greater things. If you have, you would also know what it’s like to forgive and forget. To move on, to save yourself and start living life the way you want to.

But if you have ever watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 then you would know that love is less about seeing and more about feeling.

Imagine someone to love, who loves you. But they don’t believe they are worth anything in the world. They don’t think love will ever find them. If you ever felt this way, fear not. Because there is someone out there, waiting for you too. The problem is, you have no idea when or how you will meet them.

That’s okay though. Because there is more to love then what you see on the outside of a person. If you do find someone to be with someday, remember this. That it doesn’t matter what they look like, what matters is if they make you happy. If they, let’s say, complete you. That is what is important. That’s what matters when it comes to love.

Give everyone a chance, even if you think they aren’t much to look at. What matters is what’s on the inside. It’s hard to wait and wonder, but the time you spend waiting allows you to fall in love with yourself first. Which is even more important. Don’t bring yourself down about not having someone to go home to or to text at night. You are worth it. I think so 😊 so you should too.

It might seem like it would take a miracle to find someone who would love you. But it’s not. Someone is there and if it was meant to be, it will be. But you have to help make it happen. So breathe and remember that something is coming. Someone who will love you forever and ever.

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