Lex Barrie


The one who smells the best! Which could be you, but then again that would depend on how you see yourself. I just recently had a shower in case anyone was wondering.

It has become a habit for me to take a nice long hot shower in the morning to start my day, and then to go around to my family asking if I smell better. I don’t know why really. But I think it all started because it made my parents laugh.

Making people laugh is truly a gift that must come naturally to people. Take my family for instance. In the case of my parents and my brother, we can all be very honest with each other. On the other hand though there is a difference between honesty and brutal honesty. Even my aunts and uncles seem to have that knack for “honesty”. Now, the reason I mention this is because “honesty” can be down right funny when said properly. In other words, in a sarcastic tone.

Sarcasm is both hurtful and funny. The other day I said to my mom that she smelled rather  nice, as if she had put on perfume or something. The comment might seem strange, but it is a very casual thing as I previously mentioned. So, in reply she simply stated, “Thank you. I use soap.” and smiled. I ended the conversation by telling her how hygienic that was of her to use soap when she baths and how she should continue to do that.

Making people laugh is something that comes naturally though, and it comes naturally to those who don’t even realize it. Now, I wouldn’t always recommend that you use sarcasm to make people laugh, but that is one way to do it! I have always loved to make people laugh (although the anxiety of them laughing at me keeps me from doing it as often to as many people as I please). Making someone laugh changes their lives and your own in just such a sweet way, whether you realize it or not. So smile and make a joke. The other person doesn’t have to get it, but as long as you are satisfied, nothing else really matters 🙂


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