Lex Barrie


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

– Dr. Seuss

Firstly, can we all just appreciate Dr. Seuss for all he has brought to the world. He is the epidemy of “never give up on what you want”. For those of you that don’t know, Dr. Seuss was denied publication 26 times before someone finally realized what a genius he was. Now, his name will go down in history as the greatest children’s author of all time.

This particular quote above though is what’s important. It appears in the movie The Lorax back in 2012, when the Once-ler tries to remind Ted that trees must be planted in order to save the environment. It proves that even one person can make a difference if they set their mind to it.

Nothing gets better unless someone takes a stand. Someone has to show the kindness the world requires. Someone has to prove they can do it. Someone has to try their best. Now, we usually put all this pressure on the government. You know, those guys and gals who are suppose to be leading us into bankruptcy…I mean, into the future 😉

No. It has to be someone on the outside who is willing to stand up. Maybe that someone is you. Who knows? Honestly someone has to believe that we can do it. But we have to remember to care for each other too. We are all humans who make mistakes, that can be, yes, quite large. But such is life. We will all stumble and fall at some point. So why not all at once? That way there’s no one else to blame.

There are many things that teach us this lesson. For those of you that remember the little teddy bears who used to fly around on clouds, “staring” at shadows. Thank you to those who thought The Care Bears first. The point is that we all need to hold onto our own personal beliefs by putting them to use. In order to save our existence from the clutches of the dreaded future.

Maybe we are on the right path though. For those of you that believe that all will be well in 50 years (you know without Florida going under water, global warming taking over and eternal starvation because we have decided to spend money on weapons rather than feeding children), then you keep that belief. Maybe it makes you happy.

I for one though, think we should all band together and get this sorted out. Why do we make the decisions we do, when they could end our existence on this earth as we know it? Maybe someone should ask the government.

For now though my little Care Bears, go forth and bring as much happiness into the world as you can because as long as one of us continues to care, things will get better. Just you watch 🙂

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