Lex Barrie


So the seventh season of “Voltron: Legendary Defenders” came out on Netflix today. This series is based on one from the 80’s where the 5 paladins of Voltron head off into space to battle an alien civilization known as the Galra.

The show itself is meant for young teens, but it could be watched by anyone. I watched the first three episodes of the new season and already I am hooked for the rest.

The best part about the show isn’t even the action or the witty characters (which have definitely changed since the 80’s). But rather the representation that was introduced throughout the series. Just in this season so far, we have confirmed LGBTQ representation with Shiro and his former boyfriend Adam.

This is a huge step for many TV shows of today, as most are still not allowed to showcase any romantic relationships between same sex characters. The objective, I think, is to bring it out into the light and make it seem as normal as it is. That way we can eliminate stereotypes and negative attributed feelings towards the community.

We also have strong female representation. Allura (the last Altean princess) and Pidge (the mechanically inclined one) are just two of the women in charge. Allura uses her strength of mind and body as well as her heart to get through some of the toughest challenges in space. While Pidge, who disguised herself as a boy to go into space, works the electrical engineering on the castle of lions and the Voltron lions themselves.

And that’s just the beginning! It makes for a show filled with exactly what the world needs. A little of everything all jammed into one 🙂

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