Life sometimes forces us to accept ourselves for what we are and what we have done. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t shake it up with a few stories! My writing adheres to all walks of life, from poetry to short stories and children’s literature. 

Plus, my blog posts paint the pictures of my adventures as I move through life’s complications and amusing moments. Since it’s all from my point  of view, you could say it’s all about “young life experience”.

If you want to get to know me a little better, head over to my bio in the menu above. You can take my stories as they are, suggest an idea or critique at any time using the contact page or comment boxes below each story.

Just as a side note though please, no vulgar language or harsh comments. Thank you.

What’s New

“My Artwork” has been updated!

1. My audio version of the poem “Your Life” by Andrea Gibson is now available under “Remake Project“!

2. Artwork for the month of September has been added!

“Blog Posts” has been updated!

1. “It’s Not Over” was published Oct. 7th 2019

2. “Sheep and Fog” was published Oct. 8th 2019

3. “Union” was published Oct. 10th 2019

Check out my Facebook page (under Lex Barrie) for additional pieces if you feel you are missing out!

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